Alvarez Yairi

Alvarez Yairi dy 50 1979 model?

I found this guitar just moments ago at a local pawnshop. As stated it’s a 1979 yairi dy 50. It has two emblems on the back of the headstock stating a limited edition. The guitar is in excellent condition except for heavy wear on the top. No cracks, just indentions and a few finsh chips from very heavy use. The guitar is priced at $329.00…I believe this to be a deal! However, I cant find much info as far as value on the web. I know they sold new in 1979 for in the area of $600-$700. Seems to be solid maple construction with a spruce top.. Just thought I’d post this and see what everyone else thought before picking it up in the morning. Thanks!

Manufacture date was 4-12-78
The neck is perfect and the sound is to die for my only concern is the wear on the top. It was obviously played alot. and looks fairly rough on top. The back and sides are almost perfect. construction is solid with no cracks.

That does sound like a good price on it.

Check the neck carefully for warping and look closely at the bridge and wood grain for any cracking. Also the bacl of the guitar where the neck meets the body.

Most of all, play it, see what it sounds like.

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