Gibson Acoustic

How much would a 50 year old gibson acoustic cost to be fixed?

I recently got a gift from my uncle (the Gibson) and it broke from use and old wood. The sound is great and the body and neck are lightly scratched. The only problem is that the bridge is starting to pull up towards the neck. My guess is that the strings have been on so long that they wore out the bridge and caused it to become weak. I am wondering how much it would cost to fix the bridge. I am not sure the model though.

Take it into a reputable guitar repair person, also known as a luthier. If the bracing has broken under the bridge and the to is going to pieces- you may have to have it all replaced. Depending on model- it varies w what can be done to it. There is something called a trapeze tailpiece- it helps get the pressure off the bridge and connects to the bottom of the guitar. For an antique guitar to be worth more- you are better off leaving it original and doing as little as possible to it. Wish I could see it!

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