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Choose your gutiar — Firstly you will have to decide whether you want to play an acoustic or an electric guitar. The general consensus is that beginners should start learning how to play on an acoustic, due to the neck being wider than an electric thus making it easier for your fingers form the correct note formations. However, I would suggest that you begin learning on a guitar that suits the type of music you enjoy the most.

Learn the basics — A lot of beginners jump straight into learning a couple of chords and playing their favourite song, after which they pick up few things here and there. Like with any area, in order to succeed you need have a solid foundation in the theory.

Learn with purpose — The key to learning guitar is to have a clear and defined path of progression. What I mean by this is to have a definite roadmap of you playing progressing from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Traditionally this roadmap would be drawn up by a personal guitar teacher. However there are many other ways, such as online guitar lessons, that can help you with your playing progression.

Practice with purpose — Once you have chosen a guitar, learnt some theory and have clearly defined your progression, you need to get down to the nitty-gritty, practice. Obviously mastery of the guitar does not come over-night. That is why it is so important to maximise you playing time. Every time you pick your guitar to practice, you should have a clear plan of what you will be learning and why you will be learning it. This will keep your practice time focused and keep you from getting bored with the instrument due to lack of progression. I would suggest you write a practice plan out.

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