Left Handed Classical Guitar

The majority of the human population is right handed with just about everything ever made designed and built by right handers with only right handed people in mind. This is not truer than in music. With very few instruments out there that has been made specifically with the left handed person in mind. For example we can take a look at the left handed classical guitar.
Similarly many things made for left handers in this world trying to find a left handed classical guitar is no mean feat. The left handed classical guitar is rare and quality ones are even rarer. Choices are extremely slim when it comes to picking the right left handed classical guitar. Most often you can go down to your local music shop time after time but find that there is never a left handed classical guitar to be found anywhere. If lady luck is smiling on you then maybe, just maybe you could find one that that was just hiding behind the right handed ones and all you had to do was to toss them all out and see. But as is the case with most of these equipments it is always the right hand ones you will find. Guitar manufacturers simply cannot provide the economics necessary to make more and more left handed classical guitars and therefore many stores just won?t have the left handed classical guitar you need in stock. So it will take a good deal of searching to find the perfect left handed classical guitar unless you have a fair bit of luck.
Sadly there is no easy way to test a left handed classical guitar unless you can actually find a left handed classical guitar. Since the guitar is actually a complex piece of woodworking it is not enough to simply attach the strings on a right handed guitar in reverse order. For this to work you must be able to turn the entire guitar, the parts of the body, and every piece of it the other way around. Make a physical mirror image of it. Only if the entire instrument is reversed to make a left handed classical guitar do we get an acceptable tone. Otherwise the sound will always be off. It does not work that way. Therefore there are really only two options. The first is to go and purchase one of the left handed versions available. This is the most sound, correct and acceptable way to go. This way you know what you are getting in to and you have the required item in your hand. The less desirable option is to try out a right handed guitar and ask the manufacturer to send its left handed version. This is prone to have its share of problems because the right handed model won?t necessarily sound the same as the left handed one

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