Vintage Gibson

Vintage Gibson
How can I remove “ghosts” left by stickers from a vintage Gibson? And how can I remove the rest safely?

Really stuck on stickers on a vintage Gibson gutiar. Safe removal of remaining stickers without making more ghosts on it.
I did remove the ones I took off with oil, still leaves an outline of the sticker. It’s a beautiful gutiar, made in 1956 and the same model used by John lennon and Paul McCartney. I don’t have any car buffer stuff, do you think that will work if I buy some? Have you seen it work on something that old? I would really like to try and do it myself before I take it for restoration. Great answers though.

I would assume that the “ghosts” were made due to exposure to sun or light on the guitar. I’m thinking that your best bet to lose them would be to have it repainted. If it’s taking the stickers off that’s a problem, try a paper towel with cooking oil. It’ll soak through the stickers and take the “stickiness” out of them.

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