Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Jazzmaster
Is there a difference between the Fender Jazzmaster and the Fender Jaguar?

I don’t see one


Long time I didn’t heara bout Jaquar guitars .:-) This guitar has a bright sound and understandable. Stratocasters use 250k pots while the Jaquars and Jazzmasters use 1meg pots on the lead control circuit. This makes them brighter and more trebley and more output. You would need to turn the volume down if you want to have the equivelent to a 250k pot that is turned all the way up.
The scale is 1″ less than a Stratocaseter which adds to the treble it is. They use Kluson Deluxe like many vintage gibson. One good point, you can lock the tremolo by turning the adjustement screw. Also, this guitar doesn’t sound to good with Ernie Balls and responses better with flatwounds for some reason.

The Jazzmaster has incredible attack more so than anyother fender guitars. It’s a trade-off to having less sustain due to the bridge design,but having lotsof attack. This guitar is well built, is very versatile with a nice mellowsound to it. It became popular with the Ventures due to the surf type music sound. The neck was one piece in the 60’s andsome had real gold hardware. Note that the pickups on Jazzmaster went through many changes.

I am basing my comparison with vintage models. I never tried the 2000 re-issues orwhatever.

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