Stratocaster Body

Stratocaster Body
Lotus guitar neck on fender stratocaster body?

I have a cheap Lotus Stratocaster, but i want to get a fender stratcocaster. To save money, I was thinking of just buying a Fender Stratocaster body, and putting the Lotus neck on it.

Do you think this is a good idea, or will it ruin the sound and make it not sound like a fender?

Do you think the neck just wouldn’t be as fast, and maybe slow down my playing a little?

Thank You

you got it mostly right, i think. it wont ruin the sound, but it certainly wont do anything for it. it wont sound right. different, but not right.

and i’m not totally sure what the neck is like, but it would probably be not as good as a fender. fender necks are some of the best around, and i speak from experience.

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