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Tele Relic
Questions about modifying a squier guitar.?

OK I want to remove the decal on the headstock so what should I remove it with? Also what type of pickups do you think, alnicos or lace sensors. Also how can I relic the polyeaurthane finish? And does the sand paper method of relicing it actually work. It is an affinity tele. Please help. WINNER GETS 10 POINTS!!!!

Contrary to the other answerers, I think its a great idea that you are trying to do these projects, especially on a cheap affinity. I did most of my test runs on a cheap Memphis guitar before I knew what I was doing.
As for the pickps, try putting stacked humbuckers in the bridge and middle and then a mini JB in the bridge. Lace sensors are decent, although I dont love them. You can also try going with active EMG SA’s. Whatever pickups you put in, you can always transfer to another guitar in the future, so don’t sweat putting good stuff in your cheap guitar. Just keep the old parts for when you want to put the good ones in something else and you can have your Squier playable again.
As for making the finish look old, check the link below.
As for taking the decal off the headstock, its likely that there is a few coats of lacquer over the decal. You should be able to sand it off, but you may need to sand the entire headstock to keep it uniform.

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