Acoustic Alvarez

What are some steps to take before playing my own acoustic show?

I’m 16, and been playing guitar for 4 years, i’m mostly a chords girl when it comes to playing songs + singing, but what else can i do to prepare before i actually play my own show? I gotta buy a mic and amp, i already have my acoustic Alvarez guitar. But what things? Good Songs? I know this is a broad question, but any tips will help !! :)

Ok. Im an itallion guitar player and I know TONS about soloing on an acoustic. What you need to do is incorperate a rythem into your song that your are playing. I finger pick and play chords sometimes. So what I do is I would finger pick the chords and then strum them on the down beat and then just keep it real. Its all about incorperating small things into your music. basically fill the lyrics with high notes and give the rythem notes lower notes. Its very hard to explain but all you have to do is turn one chord into a melody. Simple. Just practice your finger picking skills. Look up dust in the wind by kansas. Very easy finger picking song if you take the time to practice for 30 minutes. Hope this helped.

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