Alvarez Classical Guitars

Alvarez classical guitars are well known for their quality and this is the most sought after brand in the music industry. Be it a beginner or a professional player, very often people chose Alvarez classical guitars for its style. The unique craftsmanship is quite evident in Alvarez classical guitars. If you are thinking in terms of affordability and price; alvarez classical guitars do not bear a huge weight on your budget. Apart from price, quality should not be compromised if you are looking for a good classical guitar. Alvarez classical guitars are worth the investment. Remember your guitar projects you and your music.

Alvarez classical guitars have been in the industry since 1965 and first started their business in America. Unlike other classical guitars which you will find in the market, the making of Alvarez classical guitars is unique and different. Alvarez classical guitars are made by skilled craftsmen and do not use computers in the building process. The wood that is used to make Alvarez classical guitars is naturally seasoned wood.

Within the category of Alvarez classical guitars you will find various types of guitars. To name a few; Alvarez Regent Series RC10 Classical Guitar and Alvarez Masterworks Series MC90 Classical Guitar. Alvarez Regent RC10 classical guitars are an affordable range of classical guitars. Although it?s affordable, quality is not compromised. It?s manufactured to the standard of expensive classical guitar range. You will be able to easily feel and identify the Alvarez craftsmanship in it. This type of Alvarez classical guitar is made from handpicked wood. The top layer of Alvarez classical guitar is made from spruce wood and the sides are made out of mahogany as well as the backside of the instrument. The fretboard along with the bridge are made from rosewood. Altogether the instrument is not be understated because of its price.

Alvarez Masterworks Series MC90 Classical Guitar is what most passionate guitars would love to get hold of. This is definitely worth the price and yet again a true piece of craftsmanship. The backside of the Alvarez classical guitar is made out of Indian rosewood as well as the sides. The top layer of the instrument is made out of cedar top. This instrument comes with precision scalloped bracing which is generally found in expensive guitars. Furthermore this instrument is made out of a combination of rosette, rosewood and mosaic. The machine heads are made of gold and tortoise buttons.

Alvarez classical guitars are one of its kind. Unlike other brands of guitars, these stand out for its unique features and skilled craftsmanship. You will never be dissatisfied by this brand of guitar as it?s a combination of quality and durability. It?s worth the investment. You will be able to find to some great deals online when it comes to Alvarez classical guitars which make it possible to get your hands on this unique brand.

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