Best Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments being adopted around the world by amateurs and pros alike. The deep timbre of its music and the ease in which anyone can master it has made the classical guitar the most played instrument the world over.

Classical guitars come under the acoustic guitar category together with the steel string guitar. The classical guitar has a wider neck and use nylon strings while the steel string guitar has a sharper sound and uses strings made of steel. Both guitars are played using the plucking motion and with your fingers.

Choosing the best classical guitar for you out of the myriad of brands available in the market may seem like a daunting task. Though the best classical guitar of the lot may seem like the one that has the best make and is the most expensive, this is not so. Guitars, like cars, are chosen to match the needs of the user and though you can purchase the best classical guitar in the whole of America, it may not be what you are exactly looking for.

The first step in finding your perfect classical guitar is to choose your guitar dealer. It is better to try out dealers that specialize in guitars than go to a general music store. Guitar dealers tend to have a higher variety of guitar models in stock and the chances a re good that all or most of the staff are seasoned guitar players and know what they are talking about.
Once you have staked out a list of guitar dealers, its time to think about what attributes you want from a guitar in order to decide on the best classical guitar that fits your lifestyle and your needs.

Before going out shopping for guitars, it is also important to define your budget so that the dealer can show you the best classical guitar for that price range. If you?re an amateur and you are just about to start guitar lessons to indulge a hobby, then you could go for one of the cheaper models which serve their function well, but can be lacking in quality ? you will be relived on your low investment if your interest for guitar playing wanes later on or you no longer have the time for it.
If you are an avid guitar player and play in local gatherings and on stage, then the best classical guitar for you would be acoustic electrical kind. The acoustic guitar can be heard without additional amplification because the guitar chamber provides adequate amplification. This however applies only to small gatherings and in amphitheatres.

When choosing the best classical guitar out of the several at the dealers, just keep in mind to test the following: the feel of the guitar when playing, the timbre or the tone color of the guitar and for how long the notes remain when played. Happy playing!

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