Fat Strat

Fat Strat
whats the difference between a normal strat and a fat strat?

Can anyone tell me whats the difference between a normal strat and a fat strat, also a telecaster and a stratocaster because ive seen this guitar: Squier Standard Fat Strat and it looks good so can anyone tell me if its good or not?

Ive been playing a bc rich warlock bronze series guitar will this be right for me?

Firstly, no one can tell you what guitar will be right for you. you have to go and put the piece of wood in your hands and play the thing. it is seriously all feel.

Now on the subject of electronics, you most likely want some thing with good definition (going off the BC Rich statement here…) and big top and bottom end, right? It may be time to consider replacing the pickups in your warlock. in that case, you might just want to go “ear” shopping and see what you like.

Now for the strat part. A normal strat has 3 single coil pickups, while a fat strat has a humbucker in the bridge, giving it a much more substantial tone then a bridge single coil. Telecasters, on the other hand, have two single coil pickups and a much more bell-like sound then a strat (that is debatable, both have a great tone, the change is mostly in the body and the wood that it is made out of).

As for the quality of a squier: if you have played a fender, a squier will sound bad. period. the electronics are sub-par (as in the switches, potentiometers, jacks, and pickups), and generally the workmanship leaves a lot to be desired. low-level fenders are much better in quality, and for only about $400-$500.

But remember, It is all about the feel and the sound – not the name on the headstock.

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